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Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can change your life through training and strengthening your mind muscles; just like going to the gym strengthens the muscles in your body.

The practice involves learning to pay attention in a particular way to our surroundings, whether this is breath, sounds or bodily sensations, to develop an awareness of our own emotions, thoughts and feelings; becoming the observer of our minds.

Normally, we have a thought which we react to emotionally or mentally often causing it to spiral out of control; whereas the practice of mindfulness teaches us to notice the thought and more accurately assess our response to this. Therefore, realising that our thoughts are not the problem and developing coping strategies to prevent our mind engaging in a process of overthinking.

Here at the mindfulness space…

We offer you the opportunity to experience various mindfulness training sessions, ensuring it is accessible for all and displays use within your daily lives. We focus on training the mind, developing this particular attention to our body and surroundings; to recognise that we are not our thoughts, but instead we have choices in the way we respond to situations. It’s important to start considering the importance of displaying self-compassion and viewing the bigger picture of our lives; helping to develop and maintain a positive perspective of life, with a heightened awareness of living in the present moment.

We offer both group courses such as our 8 week course and one-to-one experiences, with myself, a trained mindfulness teacher*. Also, we have the added bonus of the relaxing teepee space where evening meditation is held, as well as some of our workshops. However, if you enjoy a more formal environment an indoor treatment space is available too.

Benefits of using mindfulness

Regular mindfulness practice can bring about long-term changes in mood, levels of happiness and wellbeing. Studies show that mindfulness not only prevents depression, but also positively affects the brain patterns associated with daily anxiety, stress, irritability and chronic pain. Other studies illustrate that regular meditators visit their doctors less frequently and have fewer days off work; alongside improving memory, creativity and reaction times.