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My interest in meditation and alternative therapies came about after struggling myself with years of stress, anxiety and depression, these symptoms started in me as a young child but we’re not recognise.

I have practiced mindfulness meditation for 12 years and because I found it so beneficial I trained to become a meditation teacher so I could pass this amazing tool on to others. Having been trained through the mindfulness association, I can say meditation saved me from my over thinking mind, it offered me freedom and a life to be enjoyed.

I started to see the positives in life not the worse case scenarios, even during a difficult MS diagnosis, meditation and emotional freedom technique held me in a space of awareness and calm (were as normally I would have had a major anxiety attack). I offer a sympathetic approach as I personally know what a struggle life can be. I now look at my struggles in a totally different light they have made me who I am and have offered me this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways.

My mindfulness/emotional freedom tapping meditiation CD

For stress reduction and peace

This powerful CD helps to reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling peaceful, relaxed and in the present moment.

These points are acupuncture points which can be activated by lightly tapping, stimulating these points has the same effect as acupuncture but without needing to use needles. The meditation incorporates mindfulness within it anchoring you to the present moment. In mindfulness we don’t look back at the past or forward to the future, our focus is just an awareness of this moment, using the breath holds you and keeps you present.

The track lasts 30minutes and will also guide you through where the tapping points are located.
Recommended to be used at a time when you won’t be disturbed – don’t listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

Available to purchase through Amazon, iTunes or by contacting myself through the ‘contact us’ page.