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Why not join me on SG1 Radio on Sundays for The Sunday Sit, 5-6pm.

Mindfulness Radio Show on SG1 Radio

Have a listen at SG1 Radio.

IMG_4926SG1 Radio Mindfulness Show

Feedback on The Sunday Sit:

“Another great show Paula & Sarah. Your friendship really came across so strongly on the recording. Great job girls!” – Carolyne

“I’ve just listened to your radio show. I really enjoyed listening to Sarah’s story and what mindfulness means to her. I feel privileged to have access to your show and keep learning about mindfulness. Keep going Paula as lots more people need to find out about mindfulness and how it can improve their lives. “ – Monika

“Just finished. Wow. Thanks Sarah for sharing your journey. Can’t believe I have not listened before this week (and 2 shows in 4 days). Thank you Paula for your part in making the world (at least Stevenage) a better, more wholehearted and compassionate place to live.” – Linda