“Paula was recommended to me by countless individuals for her work with young people, she has a youthful approach enabling her to truly understand, connect and reach younger people, I would highly recommend Paula and mindfulness as a great way forward for young people with anxiety in these stressful times during school and everyday life.”


“Paula Vale has worked wonders with my 8-year-old nephew who was struggling with school situations and dwelling on emotional issues. Paula was able to connect with my nephew in a way that made him feel safe and heard. There has been massive progress since our mindfulness sessions. We are so happy to recommend Paula who is someone who works from the heart, she is fantastic with adults and kids.”


“I have recently had a one-to-one session with Paula. ‘WOW’ is all I can say, what a knowledgeable lady with such great understanding into how anxiety was effecting me, I felt an immediate connection. I feel that with Paula’s help and the mindfulness approaches she has taught me I have been able to view life very differently and use the techniques she taught me to make massive changes in my life.”


“My daughter has suffered with anxiety for about 3 years since Year 9. At times her anxiety has been severe and debilitating, completely school and peer related and the trigger for self-harm. Together Paula and my daughter have used mindfulness to help her think more about the present time rather than worrying about what might happen. Consequently, she managed her G.C.S.E exams this year with ease, something I very much doubt would have happened without Paula and mindfulness.”


“There aren’t enough words to thank you for the change you’ve set into motion and supported in our girl. She’s always been a worrier, and when we came to you in February the worries had become all-consuming and we were struggling to support her. Through her sessions with you she is able to cope with worries and situations, using mindfulness and the tools you have given her just to be herself and be comfortable with that. It’s been a tough year for her but she has come through it stronger and calmer than we ever thought possible. You have had an amazingly positive impact on her, but also on our whole family x

I have recently attended the 8 week mindfulness based living course run by Paula. This course has been life changing for me offering me a new way to respond to situations and the ability to watch my thoughts and not get caught up in them. Paula has a lovely energy to be around.

Thank you Paula for our staff session. The afternoon very insightful, and offered teaching staff an opportunity to practice mindfulness for themselves, followed by advice on how to bring mindfulness into the class setting. Paula’s sessions are well structured and you walk away feeling more confident about mindfulness and the ability to use techniques within the classroom. “