Mindfulness for Schools

Mindfulness within the classroom can be very beneficial for students. I have taken my mindfulness training to put together a tool box of exercises that students can use to help with an array of issues. Mindful awareness helps students with self-regulation, optimism and planning and organisational skills. This practice has seen children report feeling calmer, more confident and able to better handle the ups and downs of relationships.

The mindfulness tool box can also help improve concentration, as paying attention is core to the practices. Students are more able to manage stress and anxiety due to being more aware of the mind and how it thinks. Within all the practices we do there is a strong emphasis on kindness to oneself, and ultimately this increases kindness and compassion to others.

This session gives you the chance to offer sessions given by myself an experienced mindfulness practitioner to either small groups or classes on a regular basis, mindfulness is shown to have amazing benefits but needs to be practised on a regular basis with someone who has a deep personal practice.

There is also the opportunity to add in another great self help tool for children EFT (emotional freedom technique) this is a simple and easy technique that anyone can use even young children to help regulate the nervous system, the process is tapping on acupuncture points and gives the children a very accessible tool to help them feel better in a relatively sort time.

Please note, workshops can be tailored to specific requirements.

1hr small group session (up to 4 students): Contact me for further information.

30 mins whole class session: Contact me for further information.


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