Mindfulness Courses & Mindfulness Life Coaching

in Hertfordshire

Mindfulness Courses & Mindfulness Life Coaching

in Hertfordshire

What is


Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can change your life through training and strengthening your mind muscles;
just like going to the gym strengthens the muscles in your body.

The practice involves learning to pay attention in a particular way to our surroundings, whether this is breath, sounds or bodily sensations.

In addition to this to develop an awareness of our own emotions, thoughts and feelings; becoming the observer of our minds.

Normally, we have a thought which we react to emotionally or mentally often causing it to spiral out of control; whereas the practice of mindfulness teaches us to notice the thought and more accurately assess our response to this. Therefore, realising that our thoughts are not the problem and developing coping strategies to prevent our mind engaging in a process of overthinking.


How can the Mindfulness Space help?

Here at the Mindfulness Space, we offer group courses, such as the 8-week mindfulness-based living course and the 8-week mindfulness-based compassion course. For individuals who may prefer one-to-one versions of the courses, this is available.

Mindfulness helps us to recognise how our minds tend to jump from dwelling in the past to worrying about the future. The past is just that the past we cannot change it and the future, well it is not here yet. Mindfulness allows you to live more in the present moment, noticing any triggers that affect our mood-states and offers an alternative perspective on situations. This new skill can help break negative cycles of anxiety, stress and depression. The mindfulness-based living course, unlike other courses, covers the importance of compassion and self-compassion, alongside viewing the bigger picture of our lives. This can help to develop and maintain a positive perspective of life.

For people who have completed an 8-week programme, there is the opportunity to participate in either weekly mindfulness sitting practice groups, or a once a month meet up. This helps participants to continue with their personal practice after the 8-week course has finished.

What are the benefits of using mindfulness?

Regular mindfulness practice can bring about long-term changes in mood, levels of happiness and wellbeing. Studies show that mindfulness not only prevents depression, but also positively affects the brain patterns associated with daily anxiety, stress, irritability and chronic pain. Other studies illustrate that regular meditators visit their doctors less frequently and have fewer days off work; alongside improving memory, creativity and reaction times.



Megan Taylor

"I have been attending mindfulness meditation sessions with Paula now for a couple of years. I have also attended 1-2-1 sessions and completed the 8 week mindfulness based living course which was awesome. Paula is amazing in so many ways but mainly she will make you welcome and safe. Everyone should attend the 8 week course."


Beatrice Dach

"The weekly mindfulness and meditation sessions are just fantastic. They definitely taught me to be open minded to new ways of dealing with difficulties and daily stress. Since joining, I do recommend mindfulness to everyone I know. You are guided by a great teacher and surrounded by fun group of people. It’s a great, safe space to try mindfulness and learn a thing or two about yourself."


Leigh Munson

"I’ve been having one to one mindfulness sessions with Paula over the past two months & I can honestly say they’ve been hugely helpful. Paula is a lovely, kind person that puts you at ease when you’re not always in a good place in your mind. She’s extremely knowledgeable on the subject, totally professional but in such a relaxed manner you don’t want to leave. The setting is just beautiful & can’t help to feel relaxed & comfortable. I’ve been practicing daily at home & am feeling the benefits most definitely. I’ve joined the group in the teepee a few times & this is truly amazing. I’ve passed Paula’s number on to so many friends now that have different issues I feel Paula could help them or their children with. I’m glad I’ve met her & mindfulness is now part of my life."


Sue Usher

"Just finished the 8 week Mindfulness course that Paula runs - truly inspiring and such a lovely group of people! Learned that there is a way to deal with/recognise a constantly ‘busy mind’ and that ‘thoughts’ are just ‘visitors’ We were given the ‘tools’ to develop ‘mindful’ attitudes to everyday behaviours, eating, walking, breathing! Paula emailed us copies of what we studied every week, so helpful to refer back to - thanks so much for such an inciteful and worthwhile course."


The Root Salon

I have been coming to the mindfulness space now for many years and I can honestly say it has changed my life in a much more positive way. Paula has provided a unique safe and welcoming space to teach us the tools of mindfulness that we can use in our everyday life. Thank you paula for all your teachings"


Matthew Shoobridge

"I've just finished the 8 week mindfulness course and can't recommend it highly enough. It gives you the tools to help deal with deep routed negative feelings and lifes little challenges in a more excepting and compassionate way."


Caroline Daubney

"The Mindfulness Space has been a wonderful find. I've loved learning about mindful meditation and taking part in the weekly practices in the teepee. Paula is a fabulous teacher & practitioner and has created an amazing environment for others to learn, develop and grow."


Sophia Cochrane

"Paula is a lovely, compassionate lady who really makes you feel at ease as she takes you on the mindfulness journey. Her place is cosy and inviting - perfect for practicing together - and she has lots of practical guidance which has really helped me take this forward in my own hectic life."


Nicola Davies

"A haven of tranquility. Paula is a caring and compassionate lady and an excellent teacher."


Monika Stachal

"I have started my journey with Paula by attending 8 weeks Mindfulness course. It was a great experience and I’ve learned lots. I’ve enjoyed the learning and the benefits of meditations are huge for me. I continue my mindfulness journey with Paula attending her lovely meditation sessions in her teepee. I really recommend this to everyone!"

*It is really important that you choose a qualified teacher as it is vital that they have a very strong personal practice; you couldn’t teach someone to dance if you couldn’t dance yourself! I have trained through the mindfulness association and hold certificates in, Teaching Mindfulness Meditation, Readiness to teach Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC), Mindfulness and Behavioural Therapy, Responding with Compassion, and Compassion based teaching skills. I follow the UK Good Practice Guidelines and am on the UK list of mindfulness teachers. I also hold qualifications in EFT: emotional freedom technique.


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