There is an increasing interest around how mindfulness can help within workplace wellbeing and leadership; even on our best days stress can prevent us from being fully focused. Chronic stress is widespread within society, perhaps most especially at work.

Mindfulness in the workplace is an investment in yourself, team and customers. The objective of these sessions is to help you and your workforce be more resilient, calmer, and know how to de-escalate feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The training provides mindfulness exercises, tools, and key takeaways that help individuals take better care of their mental wellbeing. 

Introductory sessions or half day workshops give participants the opportunity to practice mindfulness for themselves and in addition learn about what mindfulness is and isn’t and the why’s and how’s of practicing mindfulness. 

6 Week mindfulness program six 1.5hr weekly sessions offering a range of techniques to help with emotional resilience.

Over the years I have worked with a number of organizations promoting wellness and stress resilience in the work place, when stress levels were reduces  employees and leaders reported being more fully present on the job resulting in better decision making, task commitment, enjoyment at work and healthier relationships within the company. Numerous studies have shown that employee wellbeing is linked to greater productivity and a more proactive attitude to work. Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce associated work stresses  resulting in fewer stress related absences. 

Costs vary based on the session required and location please contact me for further information.