Having struggled from many years with my mental health mainly anxiety and depression and having found other therapies unsuccessful in 2004 I signed up to take a 8-week mindfulness course. I had no idea if it could help me or not, however it became clear early on that this really could be a way of understanding and working with my over thinking mind. I am not over exaggerating when I say I think mindfulness saved me, it saved me from getting caught up in my over thinking and ruminating mind. In 2014 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis coming to terms with that and learning to live with the uncertainty pain and loss of certain functions that are associated with such a disease have been challenging; however my mindfulness training has supported me and helped me to not get caught up in my thoughts catastrophizing situations and importantly it has  taught me about acceptance, letting go and living in the here and now finding a deep appreciation for the joys and little things in life. It has also had a great impact on teaching me how to be more compassionate towards myself and others. Having practiced mindfulness for so many years and having many life experiences I felt well placed to be able to  help and hold space for others, honouring how difficult life can sometimes be and offering them the skills to help them to help themselves. 

I am now a fully qualified  mindfulness teacher. I qualified in 2017 having trained for 4 years through the Mindfulness Association and then the British Mindfulness Institute to convert my skills to teach children. My training is never over as each year I continue to deepen my knowledge and teaching with regular training, CPD, supervision and silent retreats.

I have worked with many people on a 1-1 and small group basis delivering the 8-week mindfulness based living and compassion courses. I have been fortunate to deliver to a wide cohort of people and charities, from survivors of domestic abuse, suicide prevention, addiction services, teachers and corporate well-being it always feels like a massive privilege when an individual, organisation, school or charity chooses me to help them bring about personal change, growth, insight and wisdom.