I used to struggling with anxiety, depression and confidence issues it started from a very young age and continued into adulthood, later in life I was diagnosis with having multiple sclerosis. At this point I decided to take my health and wellness into my own hands as conventional approaches did not work form me, I wanted to become as healthy in my mind and body as I could possibly be. Now I don’t want to sound overdramatic but mindfulness saved me, it saved me from my overthinking mind. Did all of my problems disappear? No, but having struggled with anxiety and depression learning how to be with my mind was a huge development. I started to peel away the layers the stories, the out dated self-limiting beliefs I had spun over the years. I learnt how to sit with difficult emotions and buried emotional pain; for the first time I understood that emotions can bond themselves right into our muscles, our bones, our soul if not addresses resulting in mysterious soreness, aches, pains, stiffness and disease. I started looking into holistic approaches such as reiki and energy medicine movement and diet. Fast forward too many years!! and my passion for mindfulness and holistic therapy grew and grew and from it just being something just for me, I decided that I wanted to share the gift of mindfulness and energy medicine with others.

I am now a fully qualified mindfulness teacher trained through the Mindfulness Association and the British School of Mindfulness. My training is never done each year I continue to deepen my knowledge and teaching with regular training, CPD, supervision and silent retreats. I am also trained in energy work alongside other practices (see holistic treatments page).

I like to work very intuitively and as a teacher we are taught to teach through our own experiences. It always feels like a massive privilege when a client or organisation chooses me to help them bring about personal change and growth. 

Who would have known that my greatest struggles and challenges in life would end up being my greatest teachers offering me the opportunity to help so many others from children to adults, and schools to corporate events.