Here at Mindfulness Space we are passionate about mental wellbeing. Having personally worked within the school setting I am aware of the pressures of school life on teachers and pupils which is why I put together personalised sessions based on my knowledge. I regularly work with teachers and over my years have gotten a deep understanding into teachers lives within the class room setting. Teachers are devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of the pupils they teach but with so many demands put on them it can make the classroom feel a stressful place; One of the gifts of mindfulness training is that it helps teachers slip into a mindful presence helping them ripple their knowledge out into the classroom resulting in  a positive learning environment for the children but also a space for the teacher to savor positive moments in their job and to reconnect to the joy when learning clicks for a pupil.

Teachers sessions help:

  • reduce stress, burnout and anxiety
  • reduction in the sense of task and time pressure
  • improved ability to manage difficult emotions 
  • an increase in coping skills, motivation, planning and problem solving
  • increase in self-compassion and self-care

Mindfulness can have a positive effect on teaching staff giving them transferable skills to approach a classroom with a sense of calm making learning a pleasure for everyone. 

Children’s Sessions

Having two children of my own I can see how mindfulness can help children understand and regulate emotions. I personally struggled emotionally and mentally throughout my school life and know that if I had been taught some of the tools and strategies I teach I would have been able to understand my mind and emotions more.

Children’s sessions are fun and interactive, whilst also offering them much needed space to just stop and relax. Children are taught specific mindfulness tools to help understand manage and validate difficult emotions they will also learn how to consciously activate the relaxation response in the body. A stressed or anxious nervous system that is stuck in fight, flight, freeze, fawn response will struggle to learn.

Children’s sessions help them:

  • Feel calmer and more fulfilled
  • Get on better with others
  • Concentrate better
  • Manage their stress, anxiety and emotions
  • Learn to respond rather than react to difficult situations
  • Understand how their thinking processes impacts on them emotionally and physically

Investment £65 per hour minimum 2hr booking required (travel may be added depending on location)