Making friends with your mind and healing your body

Mindfulness Sessions

Let’s Sit Together Weekly Meditation Sessions

Weekly in-person and online meditation sessions Tuesdays 2-3pm Bacton Village Hall (in person)Tuesdays 7-8pm online via zoom The main emphasis of this session is on guided mindfulness practices, with the chance for discussion and inquiry at the end of the session. These sessions are suitable for all abilities bringing like minded people together to practice…

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One-to-one Personal Session

We are all unique, and each one of us has different needs, concerns and worries. A one to one personal mindfulness session offers you a private safe and confidential space to work on your specific needs and desires. These sessions are designed to meet your personal requirements and offer you the opportunity to explore mindfulness…

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This form of meditation offers you an accessible tool to help you deal with any troublesome memories or thoughts. It is wonderful to know that some of the difficulties you could experience within a meditation can be unlocked through EFT Tapping meditation. How does it work?Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an evidence-based self-help therapeutic method…

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Mindful Movement Sessions

Mindful movement is slow flowing practice having trained in Qigong (similar to Tia Chi) this movement practice is nurturing and therapeutic in nature, allowing us to work with the mind body connection in a kind and nurturing way. Mindful movement can be extremely helpful to those with long term chronic illness (I suffer from multiple…

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Monthly Beach / Woodland Meditation

These sessions give participants the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment. There are many benefits to meditating outdoors. We notice our senses are more alert and awake and meditators report feeling more space in their mind from their worries. giving their nervous systems time to calm down. Please call to find out the next available…

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School Sessions

Here at Mindfulness Space we are passionate about mental wellbeing. Having personally worked within the school setting I am aware of the pressures of school life on teachers and pupils which is why I put together personalised sessions based on my knowledge. Teachers sessions help: reduce stress, burnout and anxiety reduction in the sense of…

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Corporate Mindfulness

There is an increasing interest around how mindfulness can help in the workplace. These sessions are designed to help your workforce find balance and reduce stress, which lead to fewer stress related absences and a calmer working environment. One of the most effective ways of learning about the benefits of mindfulness is through a taster…

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