One-to-one Mindfulness Session

One-to-one Mindfulness Session

 A one-to-one mindfulness sessions offers you a non-judgemental space to explore mindfulness, and how mindfulness can help with life’s challenges it offers you a session that id personal to you and your needs. It can also be an excellent way to help support you if you have an established practice and wish to dive a little deeper into mindfulness and explore deeper themes.  Having the experience of a highly qualified teacher can help you navigate life’s ups and downs and give you the confidence to venture to those deeper parts within you that needs support encouragement and understanding.

This inner work is where transformation and growth can happen, remember self development takes time and effort but the results can be life changing. 

In person sessions are held in the mindfulness pod in North Walsham or online via the zoom platform which is easy to use and free to download.

Cost: 1.5hr session £30

Weekly Meditation Classes

Weekly Meditation Classes


Tuesdays 7-8pm online via zoom

Tuesday evening sessions have a strong emphasis on practicing meditations that participants would have been taught within an 8-week mindfulness course this help support continued development. At the end of every  session there is the chance for discussion and enquiry about that evenings practice. These sessions are suitable for those who have taken an 8-week mindfulness course and wish to continue to deepen their understanding. The sessions bring like minded people together in a safe space to practice on a regular basis.

Online Sessions are £5 per session when booking onto the 4 week sitting practice (payable in advance and non-refundable).  If you can not commit to 4 sessions you have the option  to drop into the weekly sessions  week to week the cost is £7 per session.


Tuesdays 2-3pm The Mindfulness Pod North Walsham

Come and join our small friendly  meditation group in the beautiful mindful pod based in North Walsham. These sessions run weekly. They offer participants the opportunity to relax and find peace within their mind and body. The session consists of guided meditation and visualisations. If you are yearning some you time these sessions are for you.

Sessions are £6 payable on the day (spaces are limited so booking is necessary please give 24hr notice if you are unable to attend so your space can be offered to those on the waiting list).




Mindfulness For Children And Teenagers

Mindfulness For Children And Teenagers

In our current society, there are many challenges place on the young. Through my online workshops and personal sessions, I aim to provide the chance for individuals to discover and investigate mindfulness techniques which are specifically aimed at supporting them with stresses that often arise at this age. This includes difficulties surrounding self-worth, school transitions, exam nerves, and much more.
The techniques learned within these sessions will continue to support young adults through the many changes ahead.

£30 1hr session 

Corporate Mindful Wellbeing

Corporate Mindful Wellbeing

There is an increasing interest around how mindfulness can help within workplace wellbeing and leadership; even on our best days stress can prevent us from being fully focused. Chronic stress is widespread within society, perhaps most especially at work.

Mindfulness in the workplace is an investment in yourself, team and customers. The objective of these sessions is to help you and your workforce be more resilient, calmer, and know how to de-escalate feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The training provides mindfulness exercises, tools, and key takeaways that help individuals take better care of their mental wellbeing. 

Introductory sessions or half day workshops give participants the opportunity to practice mindfulness for themselves and in addition learn about what mindfulness is and isn’t and the why’s and how’s of practicing mindfulness. 

6 Week mindfulness program six 1.5hr weekly sessions offering a range of techniques to help with emotional resilience.

Over the years I have worked with a number of organizations promoting wellness and stress resilience in the work place, when stress levels were reduces  employees and leaders reported being more fully present on the job resulting in better decision making, task commitment, enjoyment at work and healthier relationships within the company. Numerous studies have shown that employee wellbeing is linked to greater productivity and a more proactive attitude to work. Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce associated work stresses  resulting in fewer stress related absences. 

Costs vary based on the session required and location please contact me for further information.

Mindfulness In School

Mindfulness In School

Here at Mindfulness Space we are passionate about mental wellbeing. Having personally worked within the school setting I am aware of the pressures of school life on teachers and pupils which is why I put together personalised sessions based on my knowledge. I regularly work with teachers and over my years have gotten a deep understanding into teachers lives within the class room setting. Teachers are devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of the pupils they teach but with so many demands put on them it can make the classroom feel a stressful place; One of the gifts of mindfulness training is that it helps teachers slip into a mindful presence helping them ripple their knowledge out into the classroom resulting in  a positive learning environment for the children but also a space for the teacher to savor positive moments in their job and to reconnect to the joy when learning clicks for a pupil.

Teachers sessions help:

  • reduce stress, burnout and anxiety
  • reduction in the sense of task and time pressure
  • improved ability to manage difficult emotions 
  • an increase in coping skills, motivation, planning and problem solving
  • increase in self-compassion and self-care

Mindfulness can have a positive effect on teaching staff giving them transferable skills to approach a classroom with a sense of calm making learning a pleasure for everyone. 

Children’s Sessions

Having two children of my own I can see how mindfulness can help children understand and regulate emotions. I personally struggled emotionally and mentally throughout my school life and know that if I had been taught some of the tools and strategies I teach I would have been able to understand my mind and emotions more.

Children’s sessions are fun and interactive, whilst also offering them much needed space to just stop and relax. Children are taught specific mindfulness tools to help understand manage and validate difficult emotions they will also learn how to consciously activate the relaxation response in the body. A stressed or anxious nervous system that is stuck in fight, flight, freeze, fawn response will struggle to learn.

Children’s sessions help them:

  • Feel calmer and more fulfilled
  • Get on better with others
  • Concentrate better
  • Manage their stress, anxiety and emotions
  • Learn to respond rather than react to difficult situations
  • Understand how their thinking processes impacts on them emotionally and physically

Investment £65 per hour minimum 2hr booking required (travel may be added depending on location)

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement is slow flowing practice having trained in Qigong (similar to Tia Chi) this movement practice is nurturing and therapeutic in nature, allowing us to work with the mind-body connection in a kind and nurturing way. Mindful movement gives us the opportunity to check in with our bodies and move them in a way that helps us lower stress levels, release stagnant energy, and help strengthen the mind-body connection. The practice of mindful movement can be extremely helpful to those with long term chronic illness (I suffer from multiple sclerosis and find my body is very grateful of this gentle movement sequence). Currently movement sessions are only online or as part of the 8 week courses.